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Release Date: February 8, 2019
Rating: 8.0

Directed by   :  Hans Petter Moland
Produced by   :  Finn Gjerdrum, Stein B. Kvae, Michael Shamberg, Ameet Shukla
Based on   :  In Order of Disappearance by Kim Fupz Aakeson
Starring   :  Liam Neeson, Tom Bateman, Tom Jackson, Emmy Rossum, Domenick Lombardozzi
Cinematography   :  Philip Øgaard
Production companies   :  StudioCanal, Summit Entertainment
Distributed by   :  Summit Entertainment
Country   :  United States

Cold Pursuit is a 2019 American black comedy action film directed by Hans Petter Moland (in his Hollywood debut) from a screenplay by Frank Baldwin. The film stars Liam Neeson, Laura Dern, Emmy Rossum, William Forsythe, and Tom Bateman. It is a remake of the 2014 Norwegian vigilante film In Order of Disappearance (Kraftidioten), also directed by Moland, and follows a snowplow driver who sets out for revenge on a local drug lord following the murder of his son.

Rating:   IMDb  / 8.0

Cold Pursuit 2019 Full Movie

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